Java runs individual life coaching sessions in order to help you build the best version of you. These sessions will consist of doing a lot of self-reflection to see what areas of your life you would like to improve and then working with Java through six character building coaching sessions to help you build your true self.

In each session, a new character quality will be the focus. To begin, the client will receive a questionnaire to fill out that will focus on areas that the client wants to improve on. In each session, Java and the client work to find areas of improvement within that character quality through self-reflection, discuss changes that the client would like to see in themselves, and discuss strategies to implement those changes. These sessions are done virtually.

Cost: $600

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Wow!! What. A. Keynote. Our audience had actionable takeaways after hearing Java speak, he truly covered it all! His ability to dynamically deliver his message and make it relatable is impressive. Making Your Own Path in Life is worth a listen. Looking forward to hearing his other topics!

- Vincenzo Dal Pozzo, Director of Membership, American Supply Association

I’m pretty sure that we could all come out with at least one thing from your talk. It was so refreshing to see somebody truly living a life of passion, so thank you. I will forever align my life choices with my values, because seeing you live it helped me understand what success really is, which is being content with where you are presently.

- Sabrina Valente
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